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8 Tips for Nailing an Interview.

I decided to write this post because today I totally nailed an interview! Most people know these tips but I also know there are some younger readers who might have not had as much experience with successfully completing an interview. 

                  This is for you!

  1. Dress for the job you want.

 If you walk into an interview dressed in a way that doesn’t make you feel confident the interviewer will notice right away. Walk into the interview looking and feeling your best so he or she will see that you have confidence in yourself because that confidence will carry over into your work.

    2.Don’t use filler words.

Words like “so” and “well” are filler words. If you remember being in school and hearing someone else present in front of the class, you may also remember every other word being “like” or “um.” All of these words are filler words. If you take the time to use different words or collect your thoughts before speaking you will automatically gain brownie points. Confidence is key.

       3.Be yourself.

I took part in an interview today and, while looking at the Newsletter for the company I blurted out “holy crap!” The woman interviewing me laughed and said, “Did you just say holy crap in an interview?” And that became a running joke the entire time. Now this won’t be acceptable everytime, read your audience. 

        4.Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

You’re the one that applied for the job. You’re being interviewed just as much as you’re interviewing. The interviewer will honestly be impressed that you’re taking initiative and looking out for yourself and wanting to learn more about the position/company.

      5. Sit up straight.

Once again, confidence is key. Posture, how you hold your arms and where you’re looking are all signs of confidence. 

     6. Be honest. 

I guarentee that if you lie during an interview about a job, they will find out. Either that or the subject will come up again and you will be found out. Who honestly has time to remember all those lies?

         7. Be on time!

No matter what you should always be on time. Whether it’s an interview or you’re regular job, atleast be on time if not early. If by chance you can’t make it on time then let someone know. Communicate, communicate, communicate. 

        8. Leave just as you went in. 

I’ve actually seen this happen before. Some woman went in for an interview where I was working at the time. Dressed great, wonderful manners, a very good candidate..BUT as she was walking out the door she saw someone she knew and the first words out of her mouth were “What’s up, f***er?” Seriously now. The interview may be over but people can still see and hear you. Needless to say, she wasn’t hired.

Always remember, you have every right to say no. If you go for an interview and it doesn’t suit you or you don’t think you’ll be happy there, don’t surrender. Find what you want because I can tell you from experience, staying or taking a job that doesn’t make you happy is not only bad for the company but you too! 

Happy hunting and good luck!

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