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Today I’m having trouble coming up with a blog so I decided to write this as an ode to what could’ve been. I’ve had tons of ideas which are terrible by themselves but maybe all grouped together they won’t be as bad. 

Option One

Cats and how irritating they can be. Ie. Tearing up your furnature. (The stool that you reupholstered and were very proud of.) Bitch. 

Option Two

My mom’s suggestion of writing about Mother Nature and Menopause because apparently Mother Nature should have menopause figured out by now and it shouldn’t be 60 degrees one day then 30 degrees the next. “It’s just rediculous!” Okay Mom.

Option Three

Get on omegle and try to figure out if people can carry on a conversation, THEN write about it. 

Okay, not bad so far. We have a psychic on our hands.

And a comedian apparently. This guy has some great confidence. 

Thanks for playing. 

That didn’t take long to fail. 

Option Four

Watch a movie/documentary for inspiration? 

Hulu? Netflix?


Well, as you can see this went well. Gold star on the board for a successful day. 



Drowning minds & sketching fingers.

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