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Make More Mistakes.

I recently had an interview which I touched on in my previous blog, 8 Tips for Nailing an Interview. Since said interview I’ve had one phrase stuck in my head. It was sloppily written on a white board smack dab in the middle of the room where everyone could see it. 

The board was titled: 


And it listed out 3 goals, the first being, Make more mistakes. 

Now, I think the first reason that this caught my eye is that most Employers would prefer you didn’t make mistakes. Mistakes cost money, mistakes waste time. I know that’s how it has been for me in previous jobs atleast. 

I read the quote a few times over then asked the interviewer about it, nearly smacking myself for not thinking about it more. 

Her response was, 

Most of my employees don’t mess up. That’s fine and dandy but if you never mess up then how will you ever learn? 

That seems really obvious now but looking at it written on a white board almost cheering the company’s employees on was almost laughable. How could something so common catch me off guard like that and have me thinking about it more than 8 hours later. 

The above sentence is something I say commonly and even said during my interview with fewer words. 

But, something I feel that I picked up from that list of goals is that mistakes aren’t something to apologize for. Yes, I mess up. Admit it, you do too.

I think I had the goal of apologizing less in 2016 and followed through with it quite a bit but with that being said, I think i need to continue that goal into 2017 and include making more mistakes too. 



Drowning minds & sketching fingers.

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