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Vegan, really?

Recently, within the last week, I was exploring youtube like usual and came across a Youtuber named Kate Flowers. Originally I clicked because of the relationship between her and her girlfriend but I ended up staying because of her and her girlfriends attitudes and diet. 

I stayed on YouTube for awhile and binge watched a whole bunch of her videos about being raw vegan, weightloss and how she felt eating cooked food versus raw food. 

I was immediately interested in trying it out and took the next couple of days to do a little research on other raw vegan youtubers, recipes and pros and cons and I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve been eating mostly raw vegan for the last 4 days. 

I say mostly because last night I was having a little trouble with energy so I made a bowl of pasta and on Monday I finished off my last cup-o-noodles. 

Thus far I’ve been eating massive bowls of fruit for breakfast. Peaches, sliced apples, pears, bananas and blueberries. For lunch I’ve tried to have salad or if I’m not that hungry I’ll have an apple and a few bananas. I’ve been drinking 98% water minus a blue Brisk yesterday but besides that I’m on the right path. 

How do I feel?

Well I’m gonna start this off by saying that Ive  adjusted my sleeping habits within these 4 days as well . I try to be in bed by 10pm and I’m awake no later than 8am so that explains the lathargy I feel around 2pm. Besides that I feel great. Usually things like this don’t come as easily to me because I find myself craving things but even when I have its only lasted for a second then I’m good. 


The only struggle I’m having currently is the fact that I bought a big bag of chicken tenders the week before last and I don’t really want to eat it but I also don’t want it here as a temptation. To be honest, chicken was just about the only meat I enjoyed everytime I ate it so not to sound like an angsty teen but the struggle is real there. 

Will I continue?

I truly think that I will. I’ve wanted to get healthy for years and that fact that this has been so effortless is helping me to do so. It’s only been 4 days so I haven’t seen any weightloss but my energy is definetly higher and my skin is clearing up which is a huge plus. 

The one thing that I’m still on the fence about is whether or not to be fully raw vegan or just vegan. Both are good for me and have massive benefits but when looking at creativity and availability I don’t know how many options I can make for myself without cooking something considering that’s what I’m used to doing and can still do sans meat. 

Anyways, I just wanted to post an update on myself. 
Next challenge-continueing to eat healthy and drink water while working because I will officially be starting a new job this friday. Success!

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“Cooking” With Seascapeminds.

Once upon a time I had an Instagram titled lemonadefoodie. Please don’t ask me why I thought anyone would honestly give a shit about a 22 year old poorly cooking basic meals in their Moms kitchen but I did. I had no clue how to advertise or get my page out (still dont) and I had a habit of over compensating. (Still do.) Half the reason most people follow food blogs/instagrams or whatever else is because of how the food looks. Or they’re high, either way. 

Now with that being said, not everything I posted looked like a basic meal. To this day I’m still proud of my stuffed mushrooms and spinach salad, mostly for the plating. 

(The dressing on the stuffed mushrooms? Yeah, that’s italian. Straight from a packet I borrowed from a local gas station.)

Classy. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. Besides, I was the one that ate it. 

I didn’t only just toss together a salad and continuously moan “ew” while carefully trying to de-stem mushrooms. Oh no. I baked too. 

Hell yeah for spending $30+ at Walmart on cupcake supplies because..

I wanna be a cupcake maker!

Then giving up completely after frosting and decorating the 4th one. #goals. 

Sad part of that is, I made 2 dozen cupcakes. 

Oh, but that’s not all. You want breakfast? I got you.

Blueberry pancakes (from a box) for everyone! Or you could just have the fruit. That’s actually real. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the corner of my finger on the left. 

If anyone needs a professional photographer, I’m your girl. I’ll just need awhile to find someone to borrow a camera from. 

Wait! I know, you’re looking for a “tutorial.” 

Gotcha covered there too. 

Now I can’t be the only person that craves Tuna Salad.

I am? Oh. 

Well to be honest that Tuna Salad was actually perfection. I would really suggest trying it. 

Lastly, just so I can really showcase my skills and impress every one….


Yes, that really is just Peanut butter toast with 5 slices of banana on it. 

Hopefully this post explains why you don’t see me busting my ass on the Food Network. 

And that, my friends, is how you roast a nut.