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I know I only have a handful but I’m grateful for all of you and appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten from everyone. 

I’d just like to let anyone know that I’ve been posting twice a day but I will be starting a new job on Tuesday so I’ll do my best to post atleast once a day from then on. 

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Recognizing Beauty. 

I, like most people, have self esteem issues. If anyone were willing to listen I could probably draw up a PowerPoint about all my flaws. 

One of my goals for this year is to recognize beauty in myself regardless of my mood. This has been a struggle for me for years. One day I feel grotesque, the next I think, well, I’m not bad. The thing that I don’t realize when I have these thoughts is that I look the same as I did when I thought I was grotesque so, what the hell?

The event that brought this post on would be the last 2 hours that I took to prepare for an interview today. I straightened my hair, curled my hair, put on clothes, changed said clothes. Put on makeup, messed up said makeup because I’m in no way a beauty guru, wiped off the makeup. It was a never ending cycle. 

I know for a fact that I’m not the only woman that looks in the mirror and sighs. 

“I wish I was thinner.”

“I wish my hair was different.”

“God, I hate acne.” (Okay, this one I totally get considering my continuous face demons.) 

I think regardless of these thoughts every woman should be able to look at themselves and smile. 

You shouldn’t have to waste an entire morning trying to get your hair to cooperate. You shouldn’t have to cake on makeup to cover your eye bags. 

Yes, I understand it’s not flattering but you’re not the only one with these “flaws.” You shouldn’t think badly about yourself while holding a microscope up to all the things that you think aren’t attractive because believe it or not, they are. 

Your eye bags show that you work hard, that’s attractive. 

Your scars show that you’ve had experiences, that’s attractive. 

Your crooked teeth are cute. Your crazy curls are beautiful, the list could really go on and on. 

Basically, try to take this advice from me and tell yourself you’re beautiful. Say it however many times you need. Scream it, cry it. Do what you need to do until you believe it. 

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Swimming Thoughts. 

I learned alot while I was in Art School. 

I learned the value of colors and shades. I learned depth and how to truly recreate depth for your audience. I learned alot about other artists, but with all of that knowledge the main thing I learned was: Art should not be disturbed.

An artist should not have to fight over what line needs to be curved. 

An artist should not have to explain why she made a choice to draw or paint something a certain way because you can’t always explain a feeling. 

Art is like fate. You are predetermined to make it to a certain point and you will make the choices to reach that point along the way. You will make mistakes, you will want to quit. 

But you wont. 

I learned that no matter how much something gives you joy, that joy will always cease once it is disturbed.

You can paint a mural and let your mind escape into the wall, not worrying about edges, bumps and scratches. 

Just emptying your mind onto a scarred canvas. Something that once was bare, begging to be filled with light. 

You start sketching your design, slowly widdeling away your eraser. Taking every chance you can to look deeper, weeding out the perfection. Until finally, the mess that was once your mind is displayed on the once bare canvas and the feeling you have is undescribable. 

To me, art shouldn’t be perfect. Art should break barriers. Disrupt the silence. Art should make the artist and viewers feel. 

The viewers should feel every stroke from a paint brush, every dusting of charcoal. Every emotion that the artist layed out on that canvas should be felt without cease. 

Art should not be disturbed. 

Art should disturb. 

                     Cesar A. Cruz

(Pictures created by Author with Adobe Illustrator)

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Remaining Positive. 

Finding a light at the end of a tunnel isn’t an easy process. There are barriers, walls, mountains and even mole hills. You will never be able to wake up one day and suddenly decide that none of the problems that have burdened you for years don’t matter. 

You can’t build yourself up without being broken down a little first. 

This blog is here as a reminder that everything you have struggled with through your entire life has gotten you one step closer to the you that you are meant to be. Cliche’ I know. 

Bring on the slow claps. 

Ridicule, tears, anger, frustration and fear are all building blocks in your life. Once upon a time you were innocent, happy yes, but completely blind to what was making you happy. Any one can gather joy from a possession or an experience but to actually pull happiness from within yourself, that’s a task.

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. 

Stacey Charter Quotes

Take a look at all of the struggles you’ve faced thus far;

  • Financial trouble.
  • Family differences. 
  • Drama between friends. 
  • Relationship problems. 
  • Work stress.
  • Self esteem issues.
  • Medical issues. 

And so on. These are all the issues that everyone deals with on a daily basis. 

Now, say you’re sitting in your kitchen, looking over some recent bills. Your electric bill has doubled and you’re not sure why and to add to it your paycheck is late. 

Normally, you would get upset. Spite the electric company for charging you extra. Spite the company you work for for not getting you your check on time. 

But, when you think about it. These are miniscule problems. How many times will you have to get upset over these things before they change? 

The number is truly infinite. These small nuances will never change but rather your reaction to them will. 

Over time you will decide that although this is what’s going wrong, these are all the things that are going right. 

But, as I’ve said; there isn’t a switch you can flip. 

A good quote about this begins and ends very simply. 6 short words and hopefully you understand. 

“Reality continues to ruin my life.”

-Bill Watterson

Reality. Reality is life. Life is hard. 

There’s honestly no doubt about that BUT, even with that being said, not every situation is a crisis. 

Not every downfall is a failure. 

Not every scrape will become a scar. 

Remain positive, remain hopeful, remain strong. 

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Welcome in waves.

You’ll probably get to know me in waves. 

The first wave is decently calm, only slightly pushing the sand up the shore. 

The second wave gets a little more intense, disrupting the life underneith, digging holes in the sides of the rocks that dress the shore. 

The third wave, now thats where things get intense. The third wave will crash so hard that what was once a shore will become a desolate waste land. Littered with debris and the life that once thrived there. Now, the third wave doesn’t come often and honestly, when it does the only thing that is truly affected is the first wave. 

Over time the first wave will become smaller, less noticable. You will barely see it up close and you will never see it from afar. Soon, all that will be left is disruption and desolation. 

This blog is to prevent that from happening. 

This blog is to calm the waves. 

(Photo taken by Author)